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Original art is an intrinsic part of the unique character of The Upper House.



Original art is an intrinsic part of the unique character of The Upper House.



Original art is an intrinsic part of the unique character of The Upper House.


Here you will discover a fascinating collection of works from leading contemporary Asian artists.

Artworks were chosen to complement Andre Fu’s concept of serenity and include original art and sculptures in sandstone, ceramics, marble and bronze.

Our Collection

The Upper House collection is notable for its sculptures and installations. Inspired by designer Andre Fu’s vision of a calm and quiet journey, the collection encompasses a breathtaking steel wall sculpture, which graces the two walls of the 10-storey atrium and smaller complex sculptures and artworks in every studio and suite.

Cynthia Sah, Grain

Italy based Taiwanese sculptor Cynthia Sah’s piece located at Level 6 of The Upper House reflects the Chinese philosophy of essential equilibrium. Sah’s pieces are often sensual and curvaceous and reside in a stark yet aesthetically pleasing contrast to the geometric lines of Andre Fu’s distinct design at The Upper House.

Marvin Minto Fang, Cocoon

Taiwanese sculptor Marvin Minto Fang’s pieces for The Upper House are inspired by the shapes of nuts and seeds. Each woodgrain sandstone block from which the 300 sculptures were carved was different with grains running in all directions and colours varying greatly, making each sculpture, despite sharing the same form, unique in its own way.

Man Fung Yi (Hong Kong), The Myth of Stars

Man Fung Yi is recognised within Hong Kong’s contemporary art scene for her distinctly feminine sculptures, which often exhibit the value she places on Chinese tradition as she strives to keep her heritage alive. The Myth of Stars is a pair of large circular forms one of which is a brass piece with her signature burnt holes motif while the second part created from the lighter strips of metal that reflects the more solid brass piece that lean against it. This comes from the Chinese concept of “Pairing is perfect. Pairing is good”.

Choi Tae Hoon, Forest-Mandala

The Forest-Mandala created by Korean artist Choi Tae-Hoon is made of small parts of blackened steel welded together, each of which forms a shape reminiscent of the Korean and Chinese character for people, The circular shape of the overall sculpture is reflective of yin and yang and the Oriental philosophy inherent in The Upper House, but also as a basis of Choi’s oeuvre.

Hiroshiwata Sawada, Rise

Japanese artist Hiroshiwata Sawada’s metal wall sculpture Rise runs along the atrium at The Upper House. With the skylight above and the pool below, the sculpture rises up to the light and can be viewed as a twinkling stream coursing downwards to the pool below.

Gerard Bookle, Bed of Roses

British artist Gerard Bookle created 43 pieces of this piece for the walls of the studios and suites at The Upper House. They have a distinct sculptural look to them and have been created from cut up fabric rose petals, arranged with three to four layers of gesso, placed on panels and then further layered to create the final three-dimensional sculptural look.

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