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Press Releases

The Upper House Unveils Christmas Tree Designed by Michael Young

Hong Kong, 12 December 2018 – For the third year, The Upper House has commissioned the creation of their Christmas tree to a renowned designer, to infuse their distinctive style and interpretation of the festive symbol whilst raising funds for a charitable cause. The House is thrilled to reveal this year’s collaboration with Hong Kong-based industrial design artist Michael Young.

An auction for the Christmas tree opens for bidding form today until the end of 2018, with all proceeds benefiting The Child Development Centre, a Hong Kong charity that provides support to a wide spectrum of children with special educational needs. The auction aims to reach bidders globally and surpass the funds raised in 2017 of HK$130,000.

Composed of polished stainless steel with white enamel surfaces, the 3-metre tall tree glistens at the hotel entrance. Based on a new furnishing collection for Design Miami 2018, the conceptual design relies on the pattern which is integral to the structure and form, rather than a surface decoration. Young has taken the traditional Chinese cloisonné technique and applied to steel using a new and innovative formulation.

“I was so empowered to receive the design invitation. During our first meeting I just took my pen and drew the tree on the spot,” said Michael Young. “Being able to support children with educational and development needs through this collaboration is also very close to my heart.”

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